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Follow the adventures of Ellie and Ricky as they explore Oregon

Ellie Strand cover.jpg

Ellie's Strand


Sigrud Olson Nature Writing Award, Notable Children’s Book 

Green Earth Book Award, Honor Book


Ellie and Ricky travel to the Oregon coast from their home in the Cascade Mountains to help with a one-day beach cleanup. Hoping to find a prized Japanese glass float, they instead find more important natural treasures, and evidence of an ocean that needs its own global-scale cleanup. Together, they realize the superpower of volunteering as they grapple with the challenges of ocean conservation.

Ricky in the City | Science for Kids | ML Herring

Ricky in the City


 2019 Sigurd Olson Nature Writing Award, Notable Book 


It’s early fall when Ricky and Ellie travel to Portland for a weekend school exchange. Much to their surprise, they find an astounding variety of wildlife in the city. With the help of their new friends, Jenny and Marcus, they explore Portland’s wildlife habitats, from its parks and gardens to woodlands, streams, and river banks. Ellie tests her bird-watching skills while Ricky follows fish up urban streams. Together they are fascinated by stunning wildlife in the city’s restored wetlands.

Ricky Atlas.jpg

Ricky's Atlas


 American Association for the Advancement of Science / Subaru Prize for Excellence in Science Books, Best Hands-On Science Book, 2017


Just as Ricky arrives at his uncle’s ranch for a summer visit, a furious thunderstorm ignites a wildfire nearby. Ellie and Ricky see first-hand what fire means to this high desert community and to the dry forests and grasslands that have evolved with fire. They visit a fire tower, a cattle ranch, and sites with fossils from life long ago, as Ricky hones his skill as a map-maker in the rain shadow east of the mountains.

ellies log cover.jpg

Ellie's Log


 John Burroughs Association Riverby Award, Honorable Mention 2013


From the winter day when the Great Tree falls, ten-year-old Ellie and her new friend, Ricky, explore the Douglas-fir forest in the western Cascades. The tree brings down with it a wonderland of canopy life and new discoveries for Ellie and Ricky. Throughout their adventures, Ellie keeps a detailed journal, illustrating changes in the forest and in herself as the seasons change. An engaging blend of science, art, and storytelling, Ellie’s Log also includes pages from Ellie’s own field notebook, Ellie’s advice to readers for keeping a field notebook, and a Teacher’s Guide— available at:

Explore Oregon


Ellie and Ricky

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