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Oregon's Land Grant History 

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Land Grant history
Oregon's Progress

Oregon's Progress

Oregon’s Progress (2001-2018) 

At a time when print was declared to be “dead,” Oregon State University’s oldest research magazine was winning top national awards, increasing its circulation, and creating increasingly effective techniques for online learning. I served as the editor-in-chief of Oregon's Progress and director of the state’s largest publisher of educational materials. Magazine journalism continues to deliver among the most trusted issues-reporting in the world, and Oregon’s Progress lives on.

The Future of Beer: Four ingredients create a revolution


USAID Aquaculture Research Program

USAID Aquaculture & Fisheries Collaborative Research Support Program (2010-2011)

I led a team of science communications faculty in the Journalism Project for the AquaFish program, covering USAID projects in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. For this project, I spent time with low-income fishing families and small-scale aquaculturists in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, and with scientists from these countries. The work resulted in a dozen articles and videos, plus a personal journal I kept as a visitor to these places.