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Oregon's Progress

Oregon's Progress

Oregon’s Progress (2001-2018) 

At a time when print was declared to be “dead,” Oregon State University’s oldest research magazine was winning top national awards, growing its circulation, and creating increasingly effective techniques for online learning. I served as the editor-in-chief of Oregon's Progress and director of the state’s largest publisher of educational materials. Magazine journalism continues to deliver among the most trusted issues-reporting in the world, and Oregon’s Progress lives on.

Oregon's Land Grant history 

An animated history of Oregon State University and the college that started it all.

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Land Grant history

USAID Aquaculture Research Program

USAID Aquaculture & Fisheries Collaborative Research Support Program (2010-2011)

The Journalism Project for the AquaFish program covered USAID projects in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. I led a team of science communications faculty on this project, overseeing stories developed on three continents. I worked directly with low-income fishing families and small-scale aquaculturists in Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines, and with scientists from these countries. The work resulted in a dozen articles and videos, plus a personal journal of my experiences.

State of Enviornment Report

Oregon's State of Environment Report

Oregon State of the Environment Report 2000

At the turn of the millennium, the Oregon Mystique that had attracted a whole generation of new residents to the state was giving way to inevitable limits on Oregon’s natural abundance. A blue-ribbon panel of scientists across Oregon was asked by the governor to address these challenges in the first scientifically reviewed report on the state’s environment and its future risks. Dr. Paul Risser, President of Oregon State, led the science panel and I served as science editor of this groundbreaking assessment: Oregon’s State of the Environment Report. All six Oregon governors alive at the time signed the report and urged communities to use science to plan a sustainable future for Oregon.