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Bioregional Assessments

At the turn of the millennium, there was a moment when science was allowed to steer environmental management and policy making. This book captures that moment, with the voices of people who were doing the work–scientists, managers, and policy makers–from seven of the country’s largest bioregional assessments.  


The book was originally written to be a synthesis of theory and practice for similar large-scale science-based assessments in the future. In fact, none have occurred since. This book stands as a valuable record of the best attempts ever made to fully incorporate science into environmental management and policy, in first-person accounts from leaders who were there and the best advice they had to offer to the future.

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Forest of Time

The forests of the Pacific Northwest held the last great stands of timber in the continental United States when the U.S. Forest Service arrived in 1906. The science that evolved over the next century reflected the changing values of American society and defined American forestry 


We set this story at the Wind River Experiment Station in southern Washington, the birthplace of forest science in the Pacific Northwest. It is a story of discovery and blindness, of opportunities taken and missed, in a forest dedicated to long-term research as social and scientific changes transformed the 20th century and the Pacific Northwest forest itself.

Forest of Time
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